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Plush Toys

Pokemon pehmolelu Mew
32,00 €
Capybara pehmo mansikka-hatussa
25,00 €
Pokémon Kwaks pehmo
32,00 €
Pokémon Felori pehmolelu
35,00 €

Welcome to our online shop Urheiluperhe where you will find a huge selection of soft plush toys from the best brands. Soft toys have always been popular. So, we present favorite characters in children's cartoons, and characters from famous computer games. Here you can order plush toy brands Sega Sonic, Super Mario, Paw Patrol, Wild Republic and many others.

Find the softest and cutest toys in our collection. You can choose from different animal plush toys such as dogs, cats, teddy bears and even soft unicorns. All of them can be hugged and squeezed. It's nice to sit on the couch and sleep at night with such a toy.

What is a plush toy?

It is the toy made of fabric or plush and filled with soft elastic material. When you take it in your hands, you feel warm, so it's a pleasure to hold the toy.

What are the most popular plush toys?

You will be surprised, but the classic teddy bear is still the most sold and popular toy. Nearly 24 per cent of toy shopping searches are about bears.

Pokemon plush toys

Our store offers Pokemon shopping. They are made in the form of nice and cute plush toys. Fans of the game are probably familiar with the figurines of these fantastic creatures. Based on the game, more than 150 toys have already been released. Some of them you can find on our website. Buy today Pokemon plush toys, while they are still on sale!

Big plush toys

A large soft toy is also the best idea for an unexpected gift that will turn an ordinary day into a holiday. A cute, soft, voluminous toy will surely cause joy and warm feelings in a child or a loved one.

Choose and order Big plush toys with delivery in Finland!

Baby plush toys

Soft toys for the little ones can be found on our website. Do you want to buy a soft toy for newborns? Don't chase too many soft friends for your baby. Let there be few toys, but they will be of high quality and useful for development. These baby plush toys are in our store.

When ordering in the online shop, you can write your wishes for color or model in the additional information field at the end of the order. If a specific item is important to you, you should contact us to make sure it's in stock. The product arrives in stock, so one product may end before the other.

Our range of plush toys is constantly updated. We regularly have sales and special offers. The online shop Urheiluperhe guarantees you friendly and reliable service. Contact us to place an order or if you would like to inquire about our collection of various soft toys.