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Role-playing games

Nerf Dino Raptor Slash Vaahtomuoviase TT
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The online shop Urheiluperhe offers kid-friendly role-playing games for children of all ages. Children's role-playing games have always been very important for kids. During it, the child takes on the role of a character or animal by acting out a certain scenario. The kid develops ideas about the nature of his/her "character", possible actions and reactions, duties and feelings.

Should children be encouraged to play such games? Necessarily. But how to do that?

You can offer certain incentives. Browse the range of our shop to understand, which role-playing games are suitable for a child. As a starting point, you can make films or fantasy stories, plots of real stories and situations. Then let the child guess and make decisions as the game progresses. In such games, kids learn to empathize with others by putting themselves in the place of another character. This teaches children to take into account many points of view when making decisions.

Carnival costumes and masks

Kids love trying on party masks. The colorful costumes and wigs are perfect for celebrating any special occasion! Keep the kids busy choosing costumes for the children's party! The joint choice of purchases for the holiday will give both adults and children a lot of fun! With the help of masks, you can come up with a great role-playing game for 8-year-olds and elders.

Doctor games

With the help of this game, the child be able to learn more about the profession of a doctor and a nurse. Kids try treating dolls in a children's hospital. This type of game can be easily classified as educational. It's a nice role-playing game for 5-year-olds. Young doctors will learn useful skills, including how to use a thermometer and detect a cold.

Musical instruments

Can playing with musical instruments help a child's development?

Modern scientific research in the field of neurology clearly shows that music improves the functioning of the child's brain. Playing a musical instrument or singing in a certain way stimulates and trains the brain, promoting the formation of new neural connections. Musical toys are useful for children of almost any age

Toy guns and swords

Our shop offers a large selection of toy weapons that can be used for fancy dress and children’s role-playing games. On the website, you can find guns, swords and knives and much more. Pick the one that suits your holiday. It could be Halloween or a game at a birthday party. It would be a great role-playing game for 12-year-olds and younger. Kids will love this game!

All toys ordered from the website are delivered in Finland.