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1X1 ICEBREAKER One by One Ringette Stick


1X1 ICEBREAKER One by One Ringette Stick
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80,56 €
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ICEBREAKER is a high-quality composite circular stick from the Canadian ONE BY ONE brand, suitable for both professionals and active amateurs.

Composite materials have many advantages over traditional wooden sticks. Composite materials bring unprecedented lightness. In addition, composite materials can be used to precisely define, for example, the stiffness of the shaft and other properties of the shaft. The stiffness of the racket shaft remains unchanged for much longer than with a wooden stick.

The length of the stick shaft is about 138cm + 4cm long tip.

The shaft of the stick is 70% carbon fiber and 30% fiberglass.

Just like an icebreaker, the Icebreaker embodies the fusion between raw force and the feeling of invincibility.
Especially designed for strong players looking for a high end, resistant and durable stick.
• ARC tip system.
• Handle 70% carbon fiber
• Handle 20% more flexible than a standard fiber handle.
• Extremely resistant and durable.
• Choice between two cosmetics.
• Our most durable stick.