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Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys

Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys
Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys
Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys


Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys
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Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys

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Rolly Toys is  a well-known brand of toy tractors and agricultural accessories, owned by the Franz Schneider family in Neustadt – Germany .

The company specializes in agricultural toys , and their production began in 1938.

The offer includes all types of the most popular tractors, e.g.  John Deere,  New Holland ,  Steyr ,  JCB ,  CAT,  Mercedes Unimog

Tractors  Rolly Toys  are based on real vehicles. Each element of the toy is an exact representation of the original (engine blocks, bonnet angle, etc.)

Rolly Toys  is the absolute number one manufacturer of toy tractors in Europe.


Disc Harrow Cambrigde Roller Trailer Rolly Toys – EAN code 4006485123841


The Cambridge disc harrow trailer is the perfect complement to any Rolly Toys tractor.

It is equipped with a towing eye.

A carefully made product, with attention to the smallest details.

Metal construction with three rotating shafts .



Harrow  dimensions:   61  x 90 x 27  cm (L x W x H)
Carton dimensions: 52.5 x 35   x 24 cm
Net weight:  5.6 kg
Gross weight:  6 kg


Various types of  tractors  and  tippers  can be equipped with additional accessories, e.g.  trailers ,  plows ,  cisterns,  etc.

Each mechanical system is very durable and built-in – not available for a child.

Rolly Toys  is an excellent quality, original German product that will serve your child for many years

Polkutraktorin Lautasäes Rolly Toys Cambridge-äes polkutraktoriin Tukeva äes polkutraktoriin. Jyrä sopii lähes kaikkiin Rolly Toysin polkutraktoreihin – Suositellaan yli 3-vuotiaille lapsille – Mitat n: 61 x 90 x 27 cm – Paino n: 5,4 kg