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Siku auto Kia Sorento


Siku auto Kia Sorento
3,95 €
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Pikkuauto Täysin yksityiskohtainen Kia Sorento Siku auto. Koko n. 7,5 cm Ikäsuositus 3+ Product dimensions w x d x h (mm) 85 x 34 x 29 The popular KIA Sorento SUV appears in a trendy mocha colour. With a high-quality metal chassis, sporty wheel rims and traction tyres, a sporty, dynamic undercarriage and ground clearance, the Sorento cuts a dash on the boulevard and off-road. The wide-opening doors make it easy to get into the vehicle. The trailer coupling is capable of coping with all of the trailers in the SIKU Blister range.