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Siku ktm 1290 super duke R


Siku ktm 1290 super duke R
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Moottoripyörä Siku KTM 1290 Super Duke R. Ikäsuositus 3+ Paketin koko n: 60 x 23 x 32 mm Product dimensions w x d x h (mm) 60 x 23 x 32 Cruising is so yesterday. The KTM Super Duke must have curves! Use SIKUWORLD to build yourself a landscape of curves, and let the Duke sweep round the bends at a breath-taking lean. As a true-to-original reproduction, this fiery model motorbike is presented in full detail and solid zinc die-cast quality. The Super Duke appears in an attractive colour style, and has a steerable front wheel and a stand which can be folded in and out.