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Classic skiing

People who love skiing know that there are two types of cross-country skis. These are classic cross-counrty skis and skating skis. In this section of the online shop Urheiluperhe, we offer several models of classic Peltonen, Madshus, Salomon and others skis to choose from. What are classic skis?

Skis designed for classic skiing are quite soft. Elasticity, as in the case of skating equipment, is not characteristic of them. This is due to the need to ensure maximum contact of the soles of the skis with the snow, which makes it possible to achieve the optimal speed along the track with acceptable efforts.

Thus, the main part of the load on a classic ski falls on its middle part. It can be noted that the nose of the skis is more noticeably twisted than in the case of skating equipment.

As a rule, classic skis are waxed with the same type of wax over the entire surface: it is usually not necessary to form "braking" areas. But a lot depends on the configuration of a particular track, as well as on the mode of operation of the skis. If they are used by a professional, then a more careful approach to lubrication is expected. In this case, it may be necessary to select certain types of it in various combinations.

Classic skis for adults

Here you can buy classic skis for adults from 180 to 207 cm long. Many skis are sold immediately with basic bindings and special Delta wax. These are high-quality basic skis for beginners or users who ski several times a year. They have a stylish look and a durable construction.

Classic skis for juniors

In the online shop Urheiluperhe you can buy skis for teenagers. For example, the Peltonen Tiger Step Ski has a skiing size of 138 cm. These skis do not require wax because they have a Step Grip sole. These are the best classic skis for a child just starting to ski. In addition, the pre-installed NNN-Rottefella Start binding is very simple. Even small child will quickly learn how to fasten it on their own.

In our store, you can regularly buy classic skis for sale. After buying skis, do not forget to purchase poles on our website. It is worth remembering that poles for classic skiing should not be higher than the shoulder. The skis should be 20-25 cm higher than the sportsman. All products on our website are delivered in Finland.