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Mondor 3310 Tights Light Tan
22,00 €

Going on the ice is always a responsible and emotional event that touches hobbyists and professionals alike. Properly chosen tights are an important part of the equipment, so that you can fully surrender to your performance and be confident in yourself and your costume. presents several internationally known manufacturers - Intermezzo, ChloeNoel, Mondor and Sagester - whose selections include modern tights models for figure skating.

So what's so special about figure skating tights? First, comfort. Almost all tights cannot withstand the stress caused by skating and are comfortable to wear at the same time. The quality of tights is primarily determined by the material they are made of. Today, the materials are viscose, elastane, polyamide, polyester and microfiber. The lining is usually cotton or bamboo. Important criteria when choosing the material of tights are strength, water resistance (drying of melted snow) and allergy prevention. For example, the Mondor 3373 pants have nylon on the outside for durability and cotton on the inside for softness and comfort.

Another criterion to pay attention to is the thickness of the tights. Basically, the thicker the better, this is not the case. You have to choose one type of thickness for rehearsals, another for performances.

Thinner 40 denier tights, such as Mondor 3310, are great for performances as they also have a body-supporting feature. In training, it is better to use thicker 80 denier socks, for example Intermezzo Avellana.

Another thing that skaters are interested in is the model. Today there are leggings that can be worn either over or inside the skates, tights, leggings with ankle boots that pull over the shoe, and damasks (which may have Velcro to attach over the shoe). An important detail is the waist band, because when performing squats, bends and other elements that involve the hips, the band can twist or fold. That's why you should make sure that the waistband is wide and elastic.

Pants purchased for performances must be checked so that the crotch piece (diagonal-shaped piece between the socks) does not stand out under the dance costume. Training pants usually have a larger crotch than performance pants.

The size chart on our website will help you choose the right size pants.

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