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Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell  doll bed
54,00 €
Baby Annabell doll learns to swim
72,00 €
Baby Annabell doll bedroom play set
79,00 €
Baby Annabell doll learns to walk
79,00 €
Baby Annabell doll carriage
89,00 €

The German company for the production of multifunctional dolls and accessories Zapf Creation creates a large range of interactive dolls for children from 1-year-old and older. Among them are Baby Annabell toys, which you can purchase in the online shop Urheiluperhe. Baby Annabell dolls from the famous German company Zapf Creation captured millions of children's hearts around the world.

The interactive Baby Annabell doll is a kind of toy that can act like a live little baby. It knows how to laugh, and cry, Its appetite may wake up, and it will ask for food. You can prepare a special mixture for the doll, from which the porridge is obtained. The built-in "sucking" function will help to feed the baby easily. After eating, it must be put on a pot, and then gently washed. In this case, a special diaper will come in handy. After playing enough, you can put your first baby Annabell doll to bed.

Baby Annabell dolls have natural eyelashes that move with their eyelids when they close their eyes. The doll performs not only entertaining functions but also educational. Children will form a sense of responsibility and attention, treating the doll like a little sister. Such a baby doll will teach kid how to help parents. A caring child from childhood will imitate adult life, and try to build family relationships, which will make it easier to build adult relationships in the future. In addition, such games develop accuracy and frugality as important qualities that every girl should possess.

For the popular series of Baby Annabell dolls, the manufacturer produces a huge number of a wide variety of accessories for an even more exciting and exciting game. These are clothes, diapers, pacifiers, rattles, strollers, cribs, and much more.


Baby dolls are made of a special composition of plastic, which to the touch is very similar to delicate baby skin. It is worth saying that the products are completely safe for use even by the smallest children. The doll has a certificate of international quality, as well as millions positive reviews.

Give your child the desired gift! The price range of Baby Annabell dolls depends on the package bundle. Big and small customers can choose not only Baby Anabel toys but also a variety of accessories for them: strollers, baths, cradles, as well as seasonal clothes for a wide game format.

Baby Annabell dolls at the best price can be bought right now in the online shop Urheiluperhe with delivery in Finland.