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Scientific and electronic games

Alga 101 Experiments TT
39,90 €
AZ Teleskooppi Nat.Geo, Keltainen
63,00 €

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers scientific games for children of well-known companies: National Geografic, ALGA, Clementoni. Every parent wants their child to have a productive and fun time. Scientific games help to achieve this aim. Science games are a super productive pastime. Firstly, children will be delighted with the process itself and the results of the experiments. Secondly, these games are of great benefit to the child, as they develop thinking and attention, broaden their horizons, are an excellent alternative to gadgets, stimulate interest in learning about the world around them, and train perseverance.


Popular brands of interactive toys and electronic games for children are available. By choosing a specific toy, you can find out the price, get a detailed description, and see a photo. The range of scientific games, electronic educational toys is constantly growing. We know that sometimes it is very difficult for parents to choose a very interesting and exciting game that would suit the child according to interests, age and be really useful. In our online shop Urheiluperhe, we tried to collect the best toys. So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the games presented on our website. Your kid will definitely love the blinking-eyed dinosaur, robots, or the monkey repeating the words after the child.


Arrange an adventure for your child by purchasing a game from this section. You can play spies with him or organize a treasure hunt for children. In this section, you can find, for example, a walkie-talkie radio station. Research games will help develop the child's ability to communicate and play. The range of radio stations is 80 meters. This is one of the best electronic games because the kids can play it not only at home but in the backyard of the house too.

Science and knowledge

For preschoolers and primary school children, it is very important not to make science boring so that they do not lose interest in learning.  Science games for kids will help with this. The specialists of our online shop selected a line of educational games that will interest children, help them deal with the incomprehensible, and immerse them in the mysterious world of science.

The games collected on the site will certainly interest your children, make their leisure time more meaningful, and encourage them to learn new things. The online shop Urheiluperhe regularly offers children's electronic games for sale. We deliver toys all over Finland.