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City bikes

Insera Forcia 28" 21-q city bicycle
479,00 €

In the online shop Urheiluperhe you can buy city bikes at the good price. We have a large catalog of the best city bikes constantly updated models. City bikes are equipped with a high adjustable handlebar and a large soft saddle, so the person sits upright, as if on a chair. This is a very comfortable so-called high landing of a person. City bikes usually have fewer speeds than sport or mountain bikes. Plus, it's a relatively inexpensive bike. If you're going to ride smooth city roads and still want a light and cheap bike, go for models without shock absorbers.

What is a better city or mountain bike?

In short, a city bike provides comfortable travel over long distances, is suitable for most users, and involves a calm ride on a flat surface. Mountain bike, on the other hand, allows you to drive off-road and terrain, suggests a more athletic fit, and the ability to play gears.

Why should you buy a city bike?

Many people buy bicycles for environmental reasons. Meanwhile, bike owners get colds much less often than others. The lung capacity of a cyclist is larger than that of ordinary people. The circulatory system overtakes up to 7 liters of blood per day, in ordinary people - 3-4 liters.

Regular cycling helps you train the muscles of your legs, chest, back, and arms. This improves their shape and at the same time increases muscle endurance and reduces stress. Cycling is the easiest and fastest way to get your dose of happy hormones.

Affordable city bikes are designed for business trips in a variety of clothes, with different loads, in various weather conditions. So, they are optimal as personal vehicles for short distances in urban areas. As a rule, such city bicycles do not require long preparation for the trip but are used for spontaneous riding.

City bicycles are widespread in European cities. Frames of modern models can be painted in different colors, made of aluminum or steel. City bikes can be equipped with a soft front fork with shock absorbers, a gearshift mechanism, child seats, and headlights. In the online shop Urheiluperhe you can find city bicycles on sale and at regular prices. We deliver throughout Finland