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Children's bicycles

Felt Q20 maastopyörä 20" 7 v (Sininen, 20")
450,00 €
Madison Ilmari 12¨ children bicycle
159,00 €

Children's bicycle has been and remains the most desired gift, because riding in the yard, park, or on the street is fun, and, in addition, contributes to the development of dexterity and a sense of balance. On his/her little bike, the child will learn to avoid obstacles, accelerate, brake, and steer. In the online shop Urheiluperhe has many models from the world's leading suppliers (Madison, Kawasaki, Tunturi) for children of different ages. Most part of children's bicycles are equipped with a removable handle, side wheels, fenders, and a toy basket.

Where and how to buy children's bicycles?

Ignorance of the features of the selection of children's bicycles can cause some difficulties in operation as a result. Each age category differs in the size of the wheel, their number, the height of the equipment, and other factors. It is important that the child easily reaches the pedals, the seat is comfortable and wide, and the handles have a rubber coating.

For the most effective choice of children's bicycle, experts advise you to familiarize yourself with types of bikes, depending on the age of the child.

Bicycles with four wheels

These are bicycles with two main and two additional wheels, which can be detached if desired. They are very popular among children 2-5 years old. We offer the best children's bikes in this age category. The optimal wheel diameter is 12-14 inches. Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the height of the seat and handlebars of the bike, as well as additional wheels.

Bicycles with two wheels

They are in demand among children from 7 years. Children's bicycles are used after gaining the skills to ride on four-wheeled versions, by detaching additional wheels. These children already have developed coordination of movements, dexterity, and strength. There are hand brakes, gear shifters, and a device for the ability to put the bike in the parking lot. When riding such devices, take care of protective accessories: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and reflectors.

We offer to buy children's bikes at the best cost. Consider the opinion of the child after reading the technical indicators of the bike. Ask your child if he/she likes the color or model, because it is important for kids to take part in solving such issues. Focus on the current age and height of the child. No need to buy equipment several years in advance. Purchasing a children's bicycle, taking into account its future long-term use by a growing child, can cause discomfort during operation and traumatic situations.

You can also order children's bicycles from our catalog through the online shop Urheiluperhe with delivery in Finland. The shop regularly puts children's bikes for sale.