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Ski helmets


Ski helmet is an important piece of equipment for a skier. It is the helmet that protects the head from impacts and injuries in the event of a fall. The outer layer of the ski helmet is made of durable plastic material, and the inner layer is made of a special material with shock-absorbing properties. For convenience and comfort, a special knitted balaclava comforter is usually worn under the helmet.

For a helmet to perform well its protective function, it must fit your head well and be tightly fitted and well secured. This is possible thanks to special adjustments and straps with an adjustable latch.

Helmets come in both basic and more expensive and advanced models with additional micro air adjustments, a pre-installed headphone system, etc.

Ski masks are used to protect the eyes from the bright sun, wind and snow. They are worn over the head over a helmet. But there are also ski helmets with so-called built-in visors. The goggles are pre-installed in the helmet, they are lowered and raised as needed. It is very convenient - the ski mask is always with you and the elastic will never slip off the surface of the helmet.

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