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Storage baskets

There are storage baskets at a low price from well-known manufacturers such as SmartStore™, Curver, and Orthex in the online shop Urheiluperhe. Modern storage baskets are manufactured industrially and have several very important characteristics.

Convenient shape

Now the rectangular shape clearly prevails over the traditional round. Of course, in our store, you can buy a square, round and oval baskets. But rectangular ones are the easiest to fit into a modern interior, and therefore they are made more often than others.


Plastic and polypropylene. Most storage baskets are made of plastic. It turns out universal, unpretentious products in operation. Plastic storage baskets are lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture and mold. Polypropylene baskets are distinguished by their strength and heat resistance. At the same time, polypropylene is more elastic than plastic. Baskets from it are somewhat more pleasant to the touch and have a fairly presentable appearance. Models based on a cardboard frame covered with woven polypropylene look especially solid.

Reed Basket. These beautiful baskets are made from natural or dyed cane. They are the most "cozy" looking. Even without a rigid base, these containers retain their shape while being easy to clean.

What are baskets used for?

Having baskets in your home can make it much easier to keep organized. But their use is not limited to utilitarian purposes only. The possibilities for application are much wider.

Baskets help streamline housekeeping. Bathroom storage baskets make it easier to collect dirty laundry. Nearby you can put a container for detergent or place cosmetics in different small decorative baskets. Traditional shelving baskets come in handy in the kitchen. Usually, they have a lattice structure and pass air well. So, they are suitable for both food storage and kitchen utensils. In living rooms, baskets can save a lot of space. For example, large storage baskets can be placed under the bed, used as a drawer, and stored in bedding there.

Baskets not only serve as helpers in everyday life but can create a festive mood. You can use them as gift wrapping. Place in it a bouquet of flowers or put fruits and chocolates, a set of beautiful dishes, perfumes, children's clothes, or toys, and tie a bow. Now you have a wonderful surprise for any occasion!

 In the online shop Urheiluperhe catalog, you can find baskets for a variety of things. They will help keep your home neat and tidy. Buy storage baskets online with delivery in Finland.