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Abus Vaijerilukko 5000 Protectus Cl
41,00 €
Felt Q20 maastopyörä 20" 7 v (Sininen, 20")
450,00 €
Abus S-Force Peak pyöräilykypärä (M)
69,00 €

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers to buy a wide range of bicycles for different ages and different purposes and accessories. We have a high level of service and fast delivery of your purchase.

Electric bikes

Electric bicycles are cycles equipped with an electric motor powered by a battery. Riding on such a bike can take place in three modes: due to the engine (without the help of pedals), with the engine turned off (as on a conventional bicycle), or partially due to the machine (pedals + engine that facilitates the torsion process). E-bikes are environmentally friendly, and the batteries on most models are removable and charge from a regular wall outlet. Our shop is the best place to buy E-bicycles online.

Bicycles for children

Visiting the online shop, you will see a great selection of children's bikes. We have brands Madison, Kawasaki, Tunturi, and others. Models for the little ones are distinguished by the simple design and bright coloring. In addition, they are often equipped with side wheels for stability and safety. They also have padded handlebars and toy boxes. When older the child, then the more he/her needs a serious model. Bicycles for older children are smaller copies of adult models, but with simpler equipment. It is generally accepted that bicycles for children are divided into cycles for child from 1.5 years old (8-12'' wheels’ size), from 3 to 5 (14-16''), and from 5 to 9 (18-20 ''), which greatly simplifies the choice for parents. But do not forget about the individual body structure! Wheel size in inches is shown in brackets.

Junior bicycles

Models for teenagers resemble adult mountain bikes. However, the wheels of junior bicycles are smaller, and the whole design is made for comfortable control with a minor height and weight of the rider. Teenage bikes are usually equipped with fenders and a kickstand. Some manufacturers produce teen bikes separately for girls and boys. Nowadays, you can buy various categories of junior bicycles. To make it easier for you to choose, keep in mind that for people with a height of 145-165 cm, we recommend a bike with a frame height of 38 cm.

In our shop's bicycle collection, you will find a wide range of bicycles for adults, mountain bikes as well as a large selection of cycling accessories. We regularly have bicycles for sale. Delivery is carried out in Finland.