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Outdoor toys

Are you going to buy new awesome outdoor toys for your children?

Our online shop features quality toys from the best manufacturers on the market, such as Orthex, Gunther, Intex and Best Way, Plasto. Orthex is a major Finnish manufacturer of plastic products, including winter toys: saucer discs, shovels and other winter outdoor toys. Gunther is a renowned German manufacturer of all aeroplanes and kits. Intex and Best Way are the best manufacturers of swimming mattresses and water toys. Finnish Plasto has proven to be an excellent supplier of quality sandbox toys.

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers a wide range of quality outdoor toys for children at low prices. We have a huge selection of different games for all occasions. Thanks to direct delivery from the manufacturers, we offer our customers reasonable prices.

Why are children's outdoor toys so important?

Toys are extremely significant for the development of children. Through games, they learn the most important thing. It's communication. When a child plays, he/she associates himself/herself with a character and thus experiences emotions and events.

Games help the child to understand her/his place in the world. In addition, babies get to know the world precisely with the help of toys that fall into their hands in the cradle. In the future, children develop thinking and imagination and train memory, logic, fine motor skills, and strategic thinking.

Casual games contribute to the growth of perseverance, attentiveness, and patience.

Summer toys

Summer toys are in special demand among children. Summer is the time when kids spend a lot of time on the street, on playgrounds and in nature. In the summer, parents try to provide them with a useful rest, so this period of time will be remembered by the child for a long time. We offer interesting and awesome outdoor toys. Summer will seem more colourful to children with them. At this time of the year, it is better to buy water guns, swimming pools, kites, beach balls, and tents. You can find all these toys on our website.

Children's winter outdoor toys

Each child or his parent, if the baby is still very small, going outside in winter, thinks in advance about what he/she will do with the baby in the fresh air. The favourite activity of children on a winter walk is skating. Besides, saucer discs are the simplest of all sliding on ice and snow toys. Such a disc is a piece of strong plastic of various shapes, on which a child sits and slides down a hill on it.

An equally favourite pastime for children in the winter snowy period is digging snow or building snow castles. To do this, children will need special shovels. They are made of durable coloured plastic and have comfortable handles.

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers a wide collection of outdoor toys for children of all ages. It will be interesting to spend time with them at any time of the year. With Urheiluperhe products, you will not only give your child vivid impressions but also allow him/her to gradually develop.