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Ski kits

An effective way to save money when buying skis for yourself and your family is to purchase ski kits. The online shop Urheiluperhe offers kits for different ages and levels of skiing. Our online store presents men's and women's ski kits from world manufacturers. It is no coincidence that kits in various designs have gained many fans among cross-country skiers. This is a very convenient purchase. The range includes kits for children suitable for physical education classes, as well as options for beginner "runners". We offer to buy ski kits online with delivery in Finland.

To choose the right ski length, you need to follow simple rules:

*For classic skiing, the length of the ski should be 20-30 cm longer than the height of the skier.

* The length of skis for skating must exceed the height of 5-15 cm.

*For walking along the forest trails, skis are suitable that will exceed the height of a person by 15-25 cm.

These indicators are not mandatory but are recommended since the stiffness of the skis and the weight of the skier must be taken into account. For large people, the figures increase. Care products should be selected specifically for each case. Skis should be stored in a special case.

What are the benefits of ski kits?

For cross-country skiing or skating, you can purchase a ski kit to save money. It includes a pair of skis, poles and bindings. All this is selected depending on the height of the skier. We offer the best men's ski kits, as well as skis for juniors. All kits can be purchased wholesale and retail. In addition, we can make a selection of equipment for both experienced amateurs and beginners. All skis glide perfectly and do not require much maintenance. It will be enough to periodically wax them and keep them clean.

Why you shold order ski kits from us?

*On the Internet, it is quite convenient to order goods, since there is no need to run around city shops in search of the right product.

*Ski kits for sale are regularly offered in the store's online catalog

* The online shop Urheiluperhe has affordable options for kits that do not require regular and thorough maintenance.

You can buy any kit for cross-country or skating skis in the online store at a bargain price by ordering delivery.