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Board games

Brain Games Trouble Cube
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Our online shop Urheiluperhe offers everything that caring parents need. Usually parents want their child to grow up as a smart, versatile and creative person. The development of these qualities is facilitated by well-known children's board games. Here you can find the best board games from major brands such as Tactic, Alga, Peliko, Haba, Hasbro, Smartgames etc.

You will be surprised, but board games have been around for thousands of years. They were played in Ancient Egypt. But children's board games appeared relatively recently. For a very long time, board games were made only for adults. Gradually, then one day someone suddenly realized that they needed to create a board game for children as well. The first was educational types of games for kids. Then other areas of games began to apppear.

We have a wide variety of games to choose from.

Educational games

It is known that with the help of games the child learns about this world. A good game allows a child to discover new things in a simple and easy way, and to gain useful knowledge about the world around him or her. For example, with the help of the popular board games presented in our shop, your child will be able to determine the time by the clock, learn about how ships are launched into space, etc. These exciting smart games will tell her/him about existing geometric shapes, and offer tasks to develop thinking and logic.

Fidget and Pop-It toys

Fidget toys have been one of the most popular and sought-after toys for several years. What is most interesting, they are played by everyone, regardless of age. These are anti-stress toys that have conquered the world. You know them for sure: Pop-it, Slime, Spinner, Tangle, Simple Dimple, Snapper. Which one would you choose for yourself or your child? There are dozens of different variants of these toys in the online Urheiluperhe -store. They help to cope you with stress.

Road games

Take interesting games with you on the road and your trip will become much more exciting. Besides, your children on the road will know what to do during the travelling. You can choose educational games or family board games. With them, you will spend time not only for fun but also useful. Children get to know a lot of new in an easy way.

A variety of board games, games in English and Swedish, games that immerse you in a fantasy world or unforgettable space adventures are waiting for you. We invite you to look through our collection of games. You can place an order right there on the website with delivery in Finland.