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Summer toys

Looking for new summer toys for your child?

We offer quality toys from the best manufacturers on the market such as Gunther, Intex and Best Way, Plasto. Gunther is a renowned German manufacturer of all aeroplanes and kits. Intex and Best Way are the best manufacturers of swimming mattresses and water toys. Finnish Plasto has proven to be an excellent supplier of quality sandbox toys. We offer a fast and convenient way to order these wonderful children's summer toys online for immediate delivery within Finland.


Summer toys allow you to organize a variety of children's activities. When the weather is warm and the walks become longer, children enjoy playing in the yard with their friends. So that the child does not get bored, and remembers his holidays with joy, you need to take care of good toys. Summer toys offered by the online shop Urheiluperheus will not leave your children indifferent. Parents will be also pleased with its optimal cost and regular summer toy clearance.


Here are some tips from our shop on how to keep your little one entertained outside.

Without a doubt, summer toys for children should be selected according to their age. For example, for toddlers, you can buy sandbox toys, and teenagers will be more interested in flying kites. In any case, thanks to toys and games in the fresh air, the muscles of children's bodies are trained.


We have a large summer toy collection.


Aeroplanes and kites


Want to spend more time outdoors with your child? It's very simple! You can give him or her a kite. It will be interesting both on the playground and on the street with this toy. All you need is good weather, free space, and some wind.


Swimming mattresses


Our online shop offers swimming mattresses of various sizes, for one child or for the whole company.


Tents and tunnels


The online store of children's summer toys offers to buy tents and tunnels at affordable prices with delivery in Finland.



Balls are simple toys that every child will love. If a slightly older child needs football balls, then a small ball can be offered even to a one-year-old baby. With such a toy, both a boy and a girl will be happy to play alone and with friends.


Swimming pools and water toys

Swimming pools are ideal for children's games. With their help, any ordinary summer day will turn into a funny holiday.


Water guns and soap bubbles

The online shop has a large collection of summer water guns for the beach, pool, and children's parties. Water guns are the best choice for a hot summer day for outdoor play.


Sandbox toys

With sandbox toys, outdoor play will become much more interesting. Children will have the opportunity to build entire cities and create empires out of the sand.


Swimming rings

You can buy children's swimming rings to help your child to stay on the water even if the kid is not able to swim.


Yard Games

In this section, you will find various summer toys for kids, which are simply necessary for organizing exciting children's activities.


Our online shop Urheiluperhe has been successfully selling for many years high-quality and beautiful toys for children of different ages. The collection is full of modern toys. You can place an order them directly on the website. Delivery takes place throughout Finland.