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Schleich Horse Club 2-in-1 Bundle
32,00 €
Schleich Horse Club 72221 leikkisetti
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Schleich is a well-known company that produces collectible figures. It allows children and adults to get acquainted with both the heroes of fantastic universes and get an idea of the world of domestic and wild animals. Friedrich Schleich founded the company in 1935. At first, it was a family business producing plastic parts for industry. The online shop Urheiluperhe has wide collection Schleich figures toys such as Wild Life, Horse Club, Bayala, Dinosaurukset etc. So, if you are looking for where to buy Schleich toy figures, you are welcome!

Schleich play sets

In our shop, you can buy Schleich animal figures and various play sets. For example, one of the most popular is the Schleich Car and Horse carriage set. It includes a pickup truck and a horse cart. The set also has a horse and two figures of people. You can learn a lot by playing with these figures. For example, the child will understand that it is rather difficult to transport horses, but if they are taken care of and well organized in a special carriage, then the delivery of the horse to the new stable will be no problem. So, the animal may well win in future races.

Another popular set includes Adventure with car and horse carriage, which offers a lot of play options. The seats of the spacious off-road vehicle can be unfolded and accommodate a variety of storage items, such as a folding tent and plenty of riding equipment: a helmet, saddle, bridle, bucket, and detergent box. To make the horse feel good during transportation, a hay net and bales of straw are placed in the wagon. This is a great set of Schleich animals for toddlers and older kids.

The Caravan for secret club meetings set is very interesting. It includes the famous hand-painted Schleich collectible horses. Take a close look at the figures! They are thought out to the smallest detail. The play set has a horse with accessories, a girl figurine, furniture, and more!

All sets and individual figures are suitable for children's educational games and will be a great decoration for your Schleich animal collection.

In Finland, Schleich toys are very popular, and this is no coincidence. There are many farms and horses, and stables in the country. Very often children are also fond of equestrian sports, so they love to play with horse figures. Check out our Schleich figures toys page because we regularly have Schleich animal clearance sales.