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Disney Pixar Cars Dino leikkisetti
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Car toys from the cartoon "Cars" for future racers can be bought in the online shop Urheiluperhe. In 2006, the first "Cars" cartoon was released, telling about the adventures of "live" cars. The protagonist of the cartoon "Cars" Lighting McQueen is a bright red car with big wheels, blue eyes, and a perky smile on the entire grille. This is the most popular character, because he is young and ambitious, loves speed, and dreams of fame and fortune. His racing number is 95. He and other cartoon characters have captivated children and adults all over the world. In our shop, you will find many models of cars from this cartoon.

The American company Mattel acquired the rights to make car toy copies of the characters from the creators of the famous cartoon Cars - studios Walt Disney and Pixar. After that, a line of cars "Cars" came out. It is funny and interesting to play with the brand's toys, arrange high-speed races and perform dizzying stunts. Moreover, with the help of additional overhead tuning parts, a child can change the appearance of cars. The game develops fantasy and imagination and trains fine motor skills and spatial coordination of movements. The kid will play hundreds of exciting stories, remember his favorite moments from the cartoon and come up with his own stories. Charismatic little Disney car toys teach sensitivity and attentiveness to loved ones. The child will understand that in order to achieve his dream, he will have to work hard, the path to victory lies through constant training, and not a single prize can be more important than a strong friendship.

Disney Pixar car toys collection includes not only toys but also a variety of themed products:

*fun transport of different sizes and designs,

* plastic car toy models for kids from 3 years old and cast collectible mini-copies;

*Cars color change series cars. They change color when wet.

* We also have a car drag racing play set, tune-up center, and car color change washing station.

We offer a variety of individually wrapped toy racing cars worth buying to help “Cars” fans build their personal collection. In the online shop Urheiluperhe, parents can find both single cars from the cartoon "Cars" and sets of several characters, simple mechanical versions, and equipped with sound and light effects. You can order the best Disney cars toys from the cartoon on the website, with delivery in Finland.