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Household products

Household products are a broad category, which includes many groups of various goods. They can comprise a variety of things related to the arrangement of the apartment. Today's competitive home and lifestyle industry offers consumers virtually unlimited choices. The online shop Urheiluperhe collected the best household goods including eco-friendly household products.

Buckets and tanks

Every hostess has a set of favorite things that help keep order. The online store has collected the best models of plastic buckets. The wide mouth of the buckets allows not only to pick up garbage in them but also to pack large-sized products.

Laundry baskets

Do you think that in a neat house you can’t do without a basket for dirty laundry? Our household products catalog contains a large selection of laundry baskets. They are very convenient to use and help to keep the bathroom tidy. Besides, it saves space. This basket is perfect idea for not large apartments and houses.

Canisters and water containers

A canister is a container that is primarily intended for the storage and transportation of various liquid substances. The online shop Urheiluperhe has containers made of high-quality materials. Thanks to their large volume and convenient design, they help organize an efficient water storage system in the house.

Storage boxes

Among household products presented on our website, there are plastic containers and storage boxes. You can buy them from us inexpensively and with fast delivery to a convenient address in Finland. Storage boxes can be installed on the shelves of a chest of drawers, and a closet, and can also stand in an open space. Such a storage box gives the possibility of sorting things. With the help of organizers, you can easily separate all things by type, color, season, and importance. Plastic boxes for things can be transparent, so you will always see what is inside, and you do not have to open all the containers to take the right thing.

Hooks and hangers

Do you suppouse to buy wall hooks and clothes hangers? A wall hanger is a simple and useful thing in the interior, with which you can practically store a sufficient amount of outerwear. There are wall hangers with hooks for different tasks and premises: for clothes, towels, in the hallway, etc.

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers the best household products. They help to cope with the excellent organization of comfort in a house or apartment. Buy household products on our website