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Gloves and Socks

All skaters have probably noticed when they have fallen at some point, how unpleasant and cold an experience it is to touch the ice. Gloves are a beautiful detail that completes a training outfit or performance outfit, also an element that protects the hands from the cold. On the website, we present Edea's training gloves, the palm side of which is made of non-slip material. Such gloves are also suitable for other sports enthusiasts, because handling the phone or other technical devices is easier with them.

The importance of socks for a figure skater can hardly be overestimated. Due to the quality level of their skates, the hobbyist needs thick thermal socks. For professionals, thick socks are not necessary, because professional and semi-professional skates have a lining and a multi-layered sole that retain heat. Socks are a small but important part of clothing that protects the feet from chafing, prevents unpleasant odors and ensures that moisture moves away from the skin.

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