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Pillows and covers

Decorative pillows and covers, throw pillows or toss pillows are the easiest and most enjoyable way to freshen up your home interior by adding interesting accents. A decorative pillow is a small piece of the upholstered furniture that can be made from a variety of fabrics. This detail, which is often referred to either as accessories or as textiles, really plays two roles at once. The right throw pillow is both what they lie on and what they decorate with. In the online shop Urheiluperhe we have different home goods including decorative pillows. Here you can buy inner pillows and pillow covers in various colors with and without a pattern.

Today, decorative pillows are increasingly performing the function of decor. You can still lean on them or lie down, but the main role of pillows now is to enrich the space and create a sense of completeness in the interior.

Types of decorative pillows

* Square pillows are the most versatile and popular variety. They are comfortable and fit perfectly into any interior. If you are looking for suitable decorative pillows at home it can be said that this is the best choice of a pillow.

* Rectangular pillows are less common. This shape will provide a comfortable sleep or sitting on the couch.

It is important to understand that decorative pillows are not designed to support the head, shoulders, and neck in the correct position during sleep. However, this does not exclude the possibility that you can sleep on these throw pillows on a sofa. We know perfectly well that sofas often serve as a place for a short and useful daytime sleep.

How many decorative pillows better to buy?

On a medium-sized sofa, as a rule, from 2 to 8 toss pillows are selected. On the armchair 1-3 throw pillows are enough. There may be more pillows for a large corner sofa.

How to combine decorative pillows?

Pillows should also match in color with each other. Choose two, three, or four colors that you like and that think the best suit the current interior. Then try to pick up pillows in these colors.

How to care for decorative pillows?

They need to be periodically beaten and shaken, and if the density of the material allows - vacuuming. If moisture gets on the fabric, you need to blot it with an absorbent cloth and dry it. Our store has removable pillow covers that can be washed. Also, try to protect the pillows from direct sunlight, otherwise, it may lead to fading of the fabric.

You can find cheap and beautiful decorative pillows here. Buy decorative pillows and covers in the online shop Urheiluperhe with delivery in Finland.