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LEGO Batman: Batmanin Naamio TT
79,00 €
Lego Bowserin Ilmalaiva
129,00 €

Children constructors help to develop a child's coordination, motor skills, and spatial thinking. With the help of constructors, the child learns to concentrate on work independently and develops attentiveness and perseverance.

Our online shop Urheiluperhe features a variety of construction sets from famous companies such as Lego, Megablocks, Brion Builder, Meccano, Cobi and others.

Scale models

Any scale model must be understood as a reduced image of a car, aircraft, or other things. Different scale models have the same proportions as the real object. The main characteristic of the model kits in our shop is that they consist of several small parts. When a child collects them, a finished toy is obtained. The most common kits are plastic scale models of trucks and other vehicles, aircraft, or ships.


Create incredible magnetic designs with Geomags. There are many colorful details in these children's constructors. Explore exciting building sets and the world of building with magnets for your child! The constructor allows interesting designs. By combining various children's construction building sets of Geomag magnets, you can create really impressive things. This is the best construction’s activity for 3-5-year-olds.

Mega Bloks

Introducing the very popular Mega Bloks constructor. As it is already clear, it is a set of several large blocks that are convenient for even the smallest children to assemble. Large blocks are easy to handle with small hands. With these colorful blocks, your child can build different towers and other buildings.

Brio Builder

Design and build yourself! Bring your ideas to life with a fun, colorful construction set. The package contains many parts and tools needed for construction. Let your imagination run wild and watch your inventions move! With easy-to-use colored parts tools, your kid can quickly create complex structures, such as a motorcycle or a crane.


Should we introduce Lego? This is a world-famous Danish company, well known for the production of toys consisting of intertwined plastic cubes. In our online shop Urheiluperhe, you can find themed sets of Super Mario, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Spiderman, Star Wars, and others.

Check out our range of construction sets on our website. You will be pleasantly surprised by different children's construction bricks and child construction games offered by us. We sell children's constructors at the best prices with delivery all over Finland!