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Barbie Dreamboat vene
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                  Home games with dolls are a whole world for every girl. With the help of dolls, children can copy any life situation or can try themselves as a parent. They bathe the doll, carry the doll in a stroller, and feed it. Kids love to play with the so-called classic dolls Barbie, Baby Born, L.O.L., and Baby Annabelle doll. All these dolls are presented in the online shop Urheiluperhe.

Baby Born

Baby Born became the world's first humanoid doll. The German company Zapf Creation first released the beloved Baby Born doll in 1991, and since then, millions of girls around the world have played with it and loved Baby Born dolls. Baby Born is a classic doll 43 cm long - almost like a real baby. Baby Born is made of plastic, so it can be bathed. The arms and legs of the doll move, all these features are so necessary for a realistic game. By the way, the Baby Born doll can drink water or a kid can feed it with special oatmeal from a bag, and then the doll goes to the potty.

In addition to baby dolls, the Baby Born collection also includes Baby Born Boy-Brother and Baby Born Big Sister, they have hair on their heads and are larger. They are more toddlers than babies. The Baby Born range also includes many doll accessories. These are cribs, doll carriages, and doll feeders. All accessories are produced by company Zapf Creation. Also, in the assortment of this manufacturer, you can fund a wide selection of clothes for dolls for all seasons and even diapers. Baby Born diapers are fastened with a special reusable Velcro, which allows you to remove and put on the diaper many times! You can read more about the Baby Born assortment in a special section on our website!

Baby Annabelle

The second most popular and no less beautiful Baby Annabelle doll in the world also belongs to the company Zapf Creation. The doll was created ten years after the release of the first Baby Born doll and immediately became the toy of the year for girls. This was in 2000. Baby Annabelle dolls resemble babies, but unlike Baby Born, they have soft bodies. On the one hand, such a doll cannot be bathed, and on the other hand, it has more realistic forms thanks to its soft body.

Baby Annabelle was the first interactive doll. There are 2 batteries inside the doll. Baby Annabelle can cry, laugh, and even hiccup. If you give it a pacifier and rock it in your lap, baby Annabelle will start crying and fall asleep with its eyes closed. If you give Baby Annabelle a bottle to drink, it will go potty, all you have to do is press the button on its navel! Of course, Baby Annabelle has its own crib, stroller, high chair, and many other accessories that a little baby needs.


Older girls love to play with dolls like Barbie. These dolls are so beautiful, and they have a lot of fashionable clothes and accessories. Barbie play sets include a doll and a piece of furniture or accessory. For example, a set with a shower that pours water, or a kitchen with dishes and mini-food. The Barbie dolls collection also includes Barbie houses, villas, and many other interesting toys.

If you are looking for a toy as a gift or for a child's birthday, this is the best place to buy dolls. Buy Baby Born dolls, Barbie, and other dolls in the online shop Urheiluperhe. We provide delivery of toys in