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Baby Born

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You can buy online Baby Born Toys in our shop. The online shop Urheiluperhe offers original Baby Born dolls. They are well-known toys for children, enjoying unspeakable popularity. "Revived baby dolls" are incredibly similar to real babies. They can eat, drink, cry tears, make a variety of sounds, and go to the restroom. Those models that do not require batteries can even be bathed!

The earliest models of Baby Born dolls already knew how to do a lot, but did not close their eyes. A little later, the company added to the range baby dolls that can close or open their eyes. As for modern dolls, Baby Born Toys come in a gift box and have a variety of accessories and instructions. Baby dolls have a “height” of about 32 cm, and more “older” dolls - 43 cm.

Among the mechanical dolls, the range also includes battery-operated specimens. If the first can and should be safely bathed, and taken with you to the bath, then the second is already contraindicated. They can only be wiped from the outside with moistened napkins or a towel. This is important to consider before buying.

Baby Born dolls have many abilities.

*It is enough to give the baby doll a special nipple with magnetic properties, as the doll closes its eyes. The child will be happy to find that such a pacifier also glows in the dark.

*Bathing is safe for the toy. The design of the Baby Born toys is thought out to the smallest detail and there is little chance that water will get inside. But if this happens, it is enough to turn the special device on the back of the toy and the water will pour out.

*The doll can drink water very naturally. To do this, clean water must be poured into a bottle, which should then be inserted into the mouth of the Baby Born doll. By clicking on the bottle, your child will see how her favorite doll begins to drink. Please note that the position of the doll's body must be vertical, otherwise another ability of the doll will work and water will immediately pour into its diaper.

*The doll can be fed with special "cereals" in bags.

*Like any baby, your doll may cry. To do this, you need to click on its hand.

*The doll has movable arms and legs, it can sit. This will positively affect the ability to choose different games with the toy.

Depending on the specific model of the toy, the Baby Born doll can be completed with clothes, dishes, pacifiers, diapers, a potty, a bracelet, etc. In addition, in the online shop Urheiluperhe you can always separately buy Baby Born toys a variety of additional accessories. We will deliver your purchases all over Finland.