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Barbie Extra Fancy nukke Shiny Pink
54,00 €

We invite all Barbie doll fans to the online shop Urheiluperhe! Did you know that Barbie appeared more than 60 years ago? All the time this doll has been produced without interruption. It has undoubtedly gone down in history as a very popular toy. To be correct it was created in 1945 by the spouse's Ruth and Elliot Handler. At that time, the vast majority of dolls were created according to the type of baby dolls. Girls for role-playing games urgently needed a character of an adult woman.


The idea of the appearance of the future idol was borrowed from the German souvenir doll Build Lilly. Company Mattel has acquired the rights. Then that doll was adapted for a children's audience. By the way, Barbie doll got the name in honor of Mattel owner's daughter.


During its life, the Barbie doll has "mastered" two hundred professions. It went to the moon, was a doctor, a little mermaid, a rock star, a roboticist. In 1992, the public was presented with a Barbie doll as a candidate for the presidency. For half a century, its appearance has constantly changed but its size remained unchanged at 12 inches (30.5 cm).

Barbie doll is made of plastic. Her hair is synthetic and fixed with a stitching method. The child can safely wash, blow dry, and comb the braids of her princess, training motor skills and imagination.


In 2016, a new line of Barbie toys was released. This happened in response to criticism that the doll's appearance doesn't show the real position of modern women. So, series were made where Barbie doll has figures with 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 22 eye color options, and 24 hairstyles.


The brand includes a huge number of Barbie doll accessories and sets. They create outfits and jewelry, cars, boats and yachts, carriages, helicopters, and other vehicles for this toy girl. At her disposal are Barbie doll houses and castles, country villas, and beach bungalows. She appears as a fairy and a mermaid. Children can follow the adventures of their dolls in cartoons and TV shows. Magazines, books, computer games, and mobile applications are dedicated to her.


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