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Play figures and sets

In the online shop Urheiluperhe, you can buy many play figures and sets as a gift for a child at any event, such as Schleich, Paw Patrol, L.O.L. Surprise, Sylvanian Families.


Different plays with cars are a great opportunity to develop important social skills such as communication and logical execution of sequential actions, combined with an interactive game that imitates real situations. With the help of such games, child establishes relationships with peers, gain self-confidence. In addition, such activities help to increase child’s vocabulary.


Many of us have watched the wonderful movie "Jurassic Park". Based on the unforgettable impressions of it these dinosaur figures appeared. You can buy play figures on our website. We have various dinosaurs from the famous Jurassic series. In addition, there are many other animal figures.

L.O.L. Surprise

Surprise dolls L.O.L. exist since 2015, and they are simply adored by girls. This toy has become a very successful combination of a fashionable modern doll with an original surprise, which invariably brings joy to girls.

The first L.O.L. Surprises sold out so quickly that not everyone got them. Thus, began their triumphal march around the world. On our website, you can find many interesting sets from this series, which in fact represent a multifunctional toy or several toys in one. Buy the best L.O.L. Surprise play figures and sets. Your child will definitely love this surprise!

Paw Patrol

We bet that your kid will be interested in joining the adventures of Paw Patrol. The online shop Urheiluperhe helps you to find a complete set of characters and various vehicles for this wonderful and joy game. See all offers! Choose your favorite hero, buy different play figures for your child and go with them to find new experiences!

Horses and Pony

We offer a wide selection of children's toys such as horses and ponies, plus play sets. They are well known as popular educational children’s toys for 1-year-olds and the elder. On the website, you can see interactive, static toys at competitive prices. Buy horse and pony play figures for child's birthday parties in our gift shop online.

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers only the best toys for kids of all ages. We regularly monitor collections of leading manufacturers and select toys only on the basis of customer reviews, tests, and expert opinions. Delivery of goods ordered from us is carried out in Finland.