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Vehicles and trains

Hape Paloasema
99,00 €
Teama Matkailuauto
7,70 €

Toy vehicles and various cars for boys are a separate universe of toys. Children create a toy life, where they simulate different real situations, as in adulthood. The vehicles for children presented in the online shop Urheiluperhe may be small, medium, or very large. They can be made from metal or plastic. There is transport in individual packing. But you can also buy the whole set of machines. Here you can find Bruder, Emek, Siku vehicles and trains toys and Hot Wheels parking. Buy a great gift for a child for Christmas, birthday, and any other holiday!

Collection cars

Collect with our help a whole collection of cars. These can be well-known models of cars and buses. Besides, the child will need a convenient toy parking lot to store cars and create a more interesting game with his vehicles. Our online shop has various parking lots for children. They are one-story and more, with which both toddlers and older children can play.


Find train sets or colorful toy trains for kids in our shop. Your child can build an entire railroad with these sets of tracks and toy trains. We offer a huge selection of cars and train toys that will allow your children to include railroad adventures in their games. Brio produces a wide range of trains, railways, and various spare parts for them. Add a traffic light or suspension bridge to your collection to make it even more interesting and amazing.


Parking spaces help children better organize their play space. The best toy for a 6-year-old can be not only a car but also a large play set, which will include a parking lot, a car wash, and a car service. Or, for example, among car toys for toddlers, you can buy such educational sets as toy garage keys that differ in shape and color. The task of the kid is to pick the right one for the keyhole and then the garage will open. In addition, you can buy toy parking lots equipped with sound and light. They make the game especially realistic. There are cyclic parking lots that will be great fun for little adventurers.

Here you will find not only toy cars but also other toy and specialized vehicles such as a fire truck or an ambulance. Does your child love boats or motorcycles? Or maybe he wants to be a parking lot builder when he grows up? Then a builder's set with a whole construction site inside a large backpack will be a welcome gift for a boy.

Buy vehicles for children, tractors and special equipment, radio-controlled toys, motor vehicles, and other equally wonderful toys in the online shop Urheiluperhe in Finland. Help your child get to know the world around him better!