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Mountain bikes

Insera NYX 26" 24-s mountain bike
549,00 €
Insera NYX 27.5" 24-s mountain bike
590,00 €
Insera Kaos 29" 20-q 21" MTB bicycle
1 189,00 €
Nishiki Timbuk 26" 24-speed Bicycle
599,00 €
Nishiki Bigfoot H-29 Велосипед
799,00 €
Insera Bomber 26" 21-s bycicle
399,00 €
Tunturi Bomber DRT 26" 7-speed Bicycle
629,00 €
Nishiki Togiak 24" 21-speed Bicycle
549,00 €
Insera Smash 27.5" 20s mountain bike
999,00 €

A mountain bike allows you to ride off-road and on difficult terrain. It gives you a sportier fit and the ability to switch gears while moving. In the online shop Urheiluperhe you can buy a mountain bike at the best prices. We have specialized mountain bikes from famous manufacturers Insera, Nishiki, Merida, Felt.

It is worth buying the mountain bike if you often ride on mountain and forest trails, rough terrain, city parks, and broken asphalt roads. This is all the more necessary if you want to compete in cross-country or something the like.

The mountain bike is designed for off-road riding. However, it can be quite successfully used as a regular bike. But at the same time, the models have a special design that significantly distinguishes them from city and track bikes. The main advantage that the mountain bike has over standard bikes when used in the city when riding on asphalt or in the park is the potential ability to make jumps when necessary, overcoming obstacles that interfere with traffic in the city. For example, it can be gutters or curbs.

One of the undoubted pluses is that such bikes go through obstacles much easier and have a better grip on the ground. Mountain bikes are produced mainly with 26" wheels.

Mountain bikes features

There are several characteristic features of a mountain bike. It has a solid frame with large mud gaps. The bike has wide tires with off-road or combined tread patterns. These models have durable wheels with rims, typically 26, 27.5″, or 29″.

How to choose a mountain bike for your height?

There is an easy way to select the right bike. Consider the size of the bike frame. Below is the frame size in inches and fit for height.

15″ - height 145-165 cm;

16″ - height 155-170 cm;

17″ - height 165-175 cm;

18″ - height 165-180 cm;

19″ - height 175 - 185 cm;

20″ - height 180 - 190 cm;

21″ - height 185 - 195 cm;

22″ - from 190 cm and above

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers the best affordable mountain bikes at reasonable prices. You can buy mountain bikes for beginners and for those who have been riding bikes of this type for a long time. All models in this section are designed for off-road driving and differ from standard models with an aggressive frame design, shock absorbers, wide tires with powerful treads, and a large number of speeds. We ship mountain bikes in Finland