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Jigsaw is a puzzle game. Of course, now there are numerous variations and formats of puzzles. The main goal of jigsaw puzzles is to assemble one complete picture or figure from many pieces.

The online shop Urheiluperhe offers a wide variety of puzzles of such brand as Ravensburger, Janod, Educa, Melissa & Doug, Clementoni. They are divided by the size of the pieces, and the size of the picture in which they need to be collected. It is quite understandable that the larger the image, the more pieces will be required and the more difficult it is to solve this puzzle.

Pay attention to children's puzzles for the little ones. This is one of the main educational toys. These puzzles consist of only a few elements. Their task is to make it clear to the baby that the whole consists of several parts.

There are also simple puzzles for young children made with frames. They are lighter and give your child a smooth experience of the world of puzzles.

In addition, wooden puzzles by age from 1 to 3 years are popular because they are environmentally friendly and have a nice texture. Another undoubted plus of puzzles is that they develop fine motor skills in a child, which generally has a positive effect on his/her development.

In our online shop, you will find several types of jigsaw puzzles. For convenience, we divided them by the number of pieces.

* 24-30 PCS

* 30-140 PCS

* 150-500 PCS

* 500-1000 PCS

* 1000+ PCS 

Looking for special puzzles?

3D puzzles are small parts from which you can assemble a three-dimensional figure or object. Thanks to them, you can build a lot of three-dimensional figures. It can be towers, famous buildings or even castles and racing cars. Collecting a toy for the first time, the child will be able to try himself as a design engineer. 3D puzzles develop spatial thinking, observation and imagination.

We have the best board puzzles or options that can be collected on the floor. There are interesting puzzles that can be picked together by one or the whole family. Such a game will be an excellent undertaking, which create a good tradition for the joint rest of children and their parents.

Take a look at our puzzle collection. The online shop Urheiluperhe give opportunity to find and buy children's puzzles exactly in the way that you are looking for and quickly get the selected product in any city in Finland. Check out the wide selection and order over 1000 puzzles from the online shop.