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Toys for newborns and babies

Toys for newborns from the online store Urheiluperhe will help your baby to get acquainted with the big world around. We sell well-known brands Little Tikes, Smoby, Fisher Price, as well as toys from other companies.

Children learn about the world around them through games. They help children acquire new skills, give rise to the development of new abilities and encourage action. Take care of the first toys for your child. Safe and age-appropriate toys for newborns or toddlers are very important. It is perfectly normal that toys that fascinate a two-month-old baby are not of interest to older children.

The first toys

A newborn baby plays with rattles while lying on a developmental rug. Soft, safe toys and musical toys attract the baby's attention and hearing. As the baby grows and begins to crawl and sit down, cubes and pyramids become favorite toys.

Best teething toys for babies

These can be chew toys, baby toy rattles, or teething rings. These are the best toys for newborns. For example, the chewing ring is so popular toy all over the world, that it has won the worldwide love and trust of millions of babies and their mothers. The chew toys support the hygiene of the oral cavity and teeth at all stages of development. The different surfaces of toys massage and soothe the gums during teething and promote the development of a correct bite.

Brio wooden toys

Brio wooden toys have already become classic toys for toddlers. For example, dachshund Brio recently turned 60 years old. That are perfect toys for infants and toddlers.

Rocking toys

These toys can be used outdoors or indoors. You can choose a rocking horse or an elephant. Each parent decides what suits better the child. Our online shop gives you the opportunity to choose the best rocking toy.

Bath toys

Bright and beautiful toys for baby baths help make bathing your baby easy and fun. In this shop, you can find a classic bathing duck, a funny shark or even a whole range of different toys. What will your baby like best? The online shop Urheiluperhe always has a good selection of safe bath toys from the best companies.

Attention! For the safety and health of your child, follow these guidelines. Toys for infants and toddlers should only use under adult supervision! Before each use, check the toy for signs of wear or deterioration. When the first signs of damage appear, this toy must be removed and replaced with a new one!

Our online shop Urheiluperhe offers only high-quality toys for newborns and babies. You can order them on the website with delivery in Finland.