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Vehicles and trains

                   Cars and toy vehicles for boys are a whole world. This is a toy life in which you can simulate real situations and processes as in adults.

                   Toy cars can be large or small, plastic or metal. The machine can be individually wrapped, or there can be a whole set of machines. This is a good gift for a boy both for his birthday and for Christmas.

                   There are never too many cars. Each of them is individual, especially since there are so many car manufacturers: Hot Wheels, Bruder, Plasto, Siku, Emek and others. You can collect a whole collection of cars. And then, for sure, for their storage and for a more interesting game, a whole toy parking lot will be needed.

                   In our web-store, various parking lots are presented both for kids - one-story, and for older children.

                   For older children, an excellent gift can be a large play set, where there will also be a car wash and a car service in the parking lot. For example, all this is in the Starlux Super Parkkitalo ja autohuolto.

The multi-functional Battat Parkkitalo parking lot, which is also an educational toy, is perfect for kids. Toy garage keys differ not only in color, but also in the shape of the hole in the keyhole. The garage can only be opened if the child selects the correct key.

                   Toy parkings, such as, for example, the Dickie Toys Iso Parkkitalo parking lot, can be equipped with light and sound, which makes the game especially realistic and fun for the child.

                   Looped parking is a great game for little fans of speed and adventure. If your boy has a lot of cars, the HotWheels car transporter will do a great job of transporting them! After all, it can hold 50 pieces of small cars at a time!

                   If you still haven't decided what to give, we've made a selection of good gift ideas for boys especially for you.

                   Here you will find not only toy cars, but also other toy and specialized vehicles, such as a fire engine or an ambulance.

                   Does your child love boats or motorcycles? Or maybe he wants to be a builder when he grows up. Then a builder's kit with a whole construction site inside a large backpack will be a welcome gift for your boy.

                   The Brio company produces a huge range of railways, trains and spare parts for them. If your collection does not yet have a suspension bridge or traffic light, there is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the Brio collection. There is something to be surprised at!

                   If you did not find the car or the plane you were looking for, write to us by mail: and we will try to help you!