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Brigamo Автомойка Игровой набор
35,00 €
Majorette Паркинг Супер-Город
169,00 €
Vtech Парковка Ту-Ту водители
64,00 €

All boys like to play with cars. Since there are cars, it is necessary to buy a children's parking toy and a garage for them, where the child can put his car park. Children's parking lots and garages are a universal toy for boys, which can be played both alone and in the company of friends. Depending on the configuration, they may have one or more floors and many additional options.

Where to buy parking garage toys? We offer a large selection of children's parking lots and garages for cars. In the online shop Urheiluperhe you can find different parking garages for children of all ages. These are play sets from famous brands: Brigamo, Bburago, Battat, Starlux, Dickie Toys, and Theo Klein. Check out the garage parking toy collection!

A parking toy is almost like a real garage. It has an elevator, a car wash, a dryer, steep slopes and turns that you can drive with pleasure, and even gas stations. Children's parking will be part of your small toy city, which will contain almost all the necessary things for car maintenance. There are even parking lots with an imitation of a real car wash. It is necessary to fill in soapy water and with a slight movement of the hand, your car will be clean.

How to choose a garage for cars or parking toys

A significant part of car parking toy lots is equipped with cars of the appropriate size. The rest of the parking lots are sold without cars. So, before you buy such a toy, make sure that the transport of the children's car park will fit it.

Having decided on the package, select the theme and type of design. Kids 2-3 years old, as a rule, are interested in multi-level parking lots with curved slopes. Children are happy to lower cars down the serpentine or use the elevator.

Boys 3-5 years old pay more attention to thematic design. They no longer just roll cars, but play role-playing scenes, and think over the plot with the participation of their favorite characters. At this age, the most popular play sets for boys are car service stations, multi-level city parking lots, fire stations, etc.

Children's parking lots and garages will be a wonderful gift for your kids, regardless of gender. Repetition of life situations will help develop imagination, logic, and thinking. You can buy the best toy parking garage on this page of the online shop Urheiluperhe. We provide delivery within Finland