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Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol vehicle and Skye
18,90 €
Paw Patrol Dino Rubble and vehicle
25,90 €
Paw Patrol vehicle and Rubble
18,90 €
Paw Patrol  vehicle  andEverest
18,90 €

Are your child's favorites the brave puppies from the Paw Patrol? Buy the best Paw Patrol toys based on cartoon characters in the online shop Urheiluperhe! It is no coincidence that the cartoon about these heroes has become so popular with children. The cartoon series tells about Ryder, who is engaged in rescue work with his buddies.

Ryder is the founder and commander of the Paw Patrol. He always carries a special smartphone, which can perform the functions of a telephone, walkie-talkie, or navigator, and has a connection with the patrol base. The toy line features a huge number of plastic figures of puppies. We can recommend to you the best Paw Patrol toys for 3-year-old.

The puppy patrol has the abilities of real firefighters, rescuers, and police officers and helps everyone who finds himself in a difficult situation. Toys teach children to take care of their loved ones and to protect nature. In addition to rescue figures, the brand offers gadgets, devices, and machines to facilitate work. The cars are used by the heroes to get the job done quickly, as well as to arrange races. Special large cars are used to store other models of cars.

The quality of the paw patrol kits

Paw Patrol is made from high-quality materials. Externally, the products are attractive, and complete copy the characters. The brand line includes not only figures of puppies on their cars, but also constructors. Toys can ride on different types of mobile devices, providing assistance to those who need it. Paw Patrol set includes everything your child needs to play the cartoon series in the game. The sets include different shaped toys from small figures to large tracks and special accessories for them.

Where to buy Paw Patrol

Our shop sells Paw Patrol toys on favorable terms. The cost of goods sold is affordable because we work directly with buyers. This lowers our costs and makes it possible to set low prices. So, you can find here Paw Patrol toys best price.

To buy any toy, just place an order on our website. In our online shop Urheiluperhe you can buy Paw Patrol toys online with delivery in Finland. Such a toy will be a wonderful gift for fans of the cartoon about puppies. It will help the kids have fun. Moreover, recreating stories from the cartoon will help your kid develop attention, memory and acquire important social skills by playing with other children. The more figures in the collection the more interesting the game!