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Advents calendars

Playmobil Advent Calendar Toy shop
29,90 €
L.O.L. Surprise Advent Calendar
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A Christmas calendar with a toy will help your child cope with waiting for Christmas. A Christmas calendar with toys is a good alternative to a chocolate calendar. The advent calendar is a playset with 24 windows. In each cell, the child finds one small toy or part of the general set. Every day is full of pleasant excitement. After collecting all 24 toys or parts of the calendar, the child gets the entire game-themed set. It's very exciting!

The manufacturer Playmobil offers a wide selection of Christmas calendars containing toys. These calendars are different series and are designed for children of different ages.

For example, the Playmobil Christmas Nativity Scene Christmas Calendar is designed for 1.5-year-old children. The cute characters help your little one figure out the theme and meaning of Christmas.

Calendars, such as the Playmobil Christmas Calendar Spy Team Workshop, give children over the age of 4 the opportunity to play spy and invent spy games.

Barbie launches Christmas calendars inside the doll. And for 24 days in a row, the child opens the window with a new accessory for the doll - a handbag, shoes or even skis. It all depends on the series.

Lego Christmas calendars are also different sets with Lego figures and little builders in each of the 24 calendar windows.