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Camping equipment

King Camp 3-4 hklön teltta (Sininen)
79,00 €
Pavillo Cooldome 2 Teltta Tarjous
38,90 €

An expedition to the mountains or just a trip to the forest in your car begins with a complete set of all necessary camping equipment. This general concept includes many useful things that you cannot do without during your outdoor recreation. The online shop Urheiluperhe offers to buy camping equipment with delivery in Finland.

The best camping gear includes items and materials for organizing life in camping conditions. The comfort, convenience, mood, health and, ultimately, the success of the trip largely depend on how a tourist is equipped.

Are you in doubt about what to buy? In our shop, you will find basic camping equipment for beginners and experienced travelers.

*Tent. The main thing in the campaign is a normal rest. This is ideal if you have your own tent. Tents are single-layer and double-layer. Single-layer tents weigh less, but they lose to double-layer tents in that condensation collects on the tent inside its surface. A two-layer tent is better in this regard, but you need to look at its weight. If you assemble and disassemble the tent every day, then it should be as simple as possible to assemble and have a convenient entrance protected by a mosquito net, and a vestibule. The awning must be waterproof and withstand the height of the water column in millimeters, at which the fabric is not yet wet. Fabrics over 2000 mm are already considered waterproof, but it is better to take 3000 mm or more, there is more chance that you will not wake up in a puddle. Inside the tent, there should be convenient pockets for small things. This is an important part of the camping equipment.

*Backpack. Its dimensions depend on the number of things (usually, the larger the backpack, the more unnecessary things they take with them). It is highly desirable that the weight of the empty backpack be 10-15% of the weight of the backpack assembly.

*Sleeping bag. Should be suitable for the expected weather conditions (ideally, the comfort temperature of the sleeping bag should be 5 degrees above the lowest predicted temperatures). It is highly desirable that the weight of the sleeping bag is 10-15% of the weight of the backpack assembly.

* Camping kit with a flashlight. You don’t want to take a lot of things on a hike, but you shouldn’t refuse the necessary ones either. A travel kit would be a great solution. It includes, among other things, a spoon, fork, knives and a small flashlight.

*Folding chairs and table. Travelling in nature is not easy, often tiring, even for experienced people. It will be useful to bring folding chairs according to the number of people so that everyone can sit at the same time. It is also much more convenient to eat, sitting on a chair at a folding table.

You can buy cheap camping equipment in the online shop Urheiluperhe with delivery in Finland.