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Barbie Dream Camper


Barbie Dream Camper
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Detailed description

Lovely Barbie ready for new adventures! Barbie's DreamCamper motorhome can be used for many things: a pickup truck detaches from the front, a boat hides under the back seat and a swimming pool is revealed behind the wall. The package contains a convertible camper and 50 accessories.


Dolls are sold separately.

The package contains: 1 x Barbie 3-in-1 Dream Camper 

1 x boat

1 x swimming pool

1 x picnic table

1 x stove

1 x campfire

1 x WC More

than 50 accessories for camping!

Features: Barbie's own mobile home Converts into a convertible The stroller spreads out into a large play set Great pool and boat Equipment related to camping

More than 50 supplies

Age recommendation: 3+