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Harry Potter

Now it is almost impossible to meet a child who would not know anything about Harry Potter. Moreover, almost every one of them dreams of independently repeating all the exploits of his hero, or at least helping him. Isn't it magic when the heroes in the movie become real? Build it yourself by assembling the characters in the form of beautiful figures from LEGO pieces available in the online shop Urheiluperhe.

Lego is a company that is always responsive to the wishes and preferences of its little customers. That is the reason, why the Lego Harry Potter series was created and have become a wonderful gift for all fans of this unsurpassed movie. The first sets appeared in 2001 after the premiere of the first film. In addition, each release of a new series of magical adventures of the boy magician is accompanied by a new series of Lego Harry Potter. Those sets take adventures at Hogwarts to the next level.

Lego Harry Potter is a whole series of entertaining sets that will tell their owner about the incredible adventures of the famous little wizard. There are a series of kits for both years 1-4 and ages 5-7. The constructor will help your kid visit the Shrieking Shack, get acquainted with Dumbledore's office, go on a trip on the Hogwarts Express, and also visit the cemetery, where ghosts and restless souls live. There you can find open crypts and even a cauldron that helps to summon Harry Potter's inveterate enemy Lord Voldemort.

The Lego Harry Potter collection includes all the parts needed to assemble the objects in which the main action of the movie takes place. In addition, the constructor sets have all character’s figurines from the movie of the same name.

It is important to note that all the details of Lego Harry Potter are made in excellent quality, and the faces of all mini figures are perfectly drawn, which makes the gameplay even more exciting. In addition, all Lego Harry Potter sets can be easily combined into a single storyline, thus diversifying the game.

Thanks to the exciting sets from the Lego Harry Potter series, your child will have complete freedom for their fantasies and actions. By playing this wonderful game, children develop their creative abilities, take a step towards meeting their most cherished dreams, and, of course, spend free time on their own or with friends. You can order sets from the online shop Urheiluperhe with delivery in Finland.