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Is your child a fan of racing competitions? In this case, buy him/her a constructor from the LEGO Speed series! Races always gather millions of spectators. Some people are lucky watch the competitions of high-speed cars from the stadium. But most of us watch them on television. Take the opportunity to build a car that has attracted attention in the next race. All models are made with high precision since the brand has attracted designers from Ferrari, Chevrolet, Corvette, Lamborghini, and Porsche to create those cars. The best place to buy Lego Speed Champions and other cars is the online shop Urheiluperhe.

LEGO SPEED is more than just a construction set

All kits allow to assemble the most famous racing cars. The accuracy of the manufacturing of the elements is amazing. The car that the young racer will assemble will practically not differ from the real one. The Danish brand is always very attentive to the smallest details when creating thematic constructors.

LEGO Speed Champions sets

These kits are not only an opportunity to assemble the most famous Formula 1 racing cars. In the line, there are sets from which you can find boxes in which cars are serviced during the race and before each competition. All elements are selected very carefully, giving the model authenticity. The price for Lego Speed Champions is shown on our website next to each set. If you buy several sets as a gift for a child who loves racing, you will not only save on shipping but also see a real delight in the eyes of your kid. Just imagine, she/he will be able to recreate difficult tracks, announce races, change wheels that have worn out from high speed, etc. Buy Lego Speed auto in our store now!

Safe racing

LEGO Speed ​​Champions is a unique series. Each race car copies its "real" prototype exactly starting from color and ending with advertising inscriptions of sponsors. In addition to the car itself, the assembly of which will require perseverance, attention to detail, and thinking, the set also includes a miniature figure of a racer. He masterfully drives a racing car. This fact is especially pleasing to children because they can “communicate” with the driver, pointing out “mistakes” and warning against the tricks of rivals. Your child will spend a lot of time playing with the construction sets in this series. The sets are ideal for middle-aged and older children. Looking for where to buy Lego Speed set as a gift? Our store is the best place for such an order. We provide fast delivery within Finland.